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About Us

About Us

SN Real Estate - Madeira. Island. Home.

"Where Every Property Tells a Story, Every Client Lives a Dream"


SN Real Estate was born from the passion of a Civil Engineer for the real estate sector. The company was founded with a long-standing desire to enter the market. Recognizing the exceptional qualities of its second partner, a solid partnership was formed.


Today, SN Real Estate stands out for its increased focus on Digital Marketing and international brand expansion.


We operate in all regions of the stunning Madeira Island and cover a variety of properties. Our diverse team of agents specializes in different types of properties, providing comprehensive knowledge and unique expertise.


With 50 years of combined experience, our agents dominate the local market and possess profound knowledge of the legal complexities of property transactions. This translates into exceptionally informed and reliable service.


At SN Real Estate, our business practices are based on solid values—honesty, confidentiality, privacy, security, and professionalism. These values are reflected in every interaction with the customer, resulting in satisfaction, trust, and long-lasting relationships.


We differentiate ourselves by turning dreams into reality and providing a family-friendly environment while buying or selling properties.


At SN Real Estate, we don't just deal with real estate; we create unique experiences for each client.


We prioritize customer satisfaction in every aspect. Our commitment to excellence in service is reflected in the trust placed in us, the loyalty of relationships, and enthusiastic recommendations from customers and partners.

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