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Madeira: an island in the world with the world inside

Madeira: an island in the world with the world inside

In these last two, the only human presence, in addition to the usual boat visits, is that of nature's vigilantes, who do everything to keep their natural habitat as untouchable as possible. But even on the inhabited islands (Madeira and Porto Santo), it finds places deeply
beautiful, full of breathtaking landscapes and that few human remains present.

Scenarios for all tastes and age groups. If you are a lover of the green landscapes, you will surely delight in the terraces, with the majestic mountains plunged into the depths of the valleys. If you prefer the beach, we have access to the sea for all tastes and sorcery.
Beaches of yellow sand, less clear sand, pebble and also bathing complexes. South and North. West to east. All just minutes from Funchal, capital of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. In a click it goes from one side to the other, through the various road accesses that connect the eleven municipalities, allowing quality of life without much traffic or stress to reach the workplace in time, if applicable. The land that saw Cristiano Ronaldo born has been increasingly chosen not only for holidays, by travelers from the four corners of the world, but also to settle. Even digital nomads, accustomed to walking from side to side, have ceased to be (for many days) nomadic. Enchanted with the beauties of this Region, they are carried away by the mild temperature, the tropical climate and the warm welcome of the locals. You don't believe me? Come and meet! And if you think this is really the ideal island to settle down the family and unpack for long periods, then remember the real estate SN!


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